Logo & Letterings

Logo for academic musicological research project on uses of cassette as audio recording device in Chile

Logo for independent music production label

Lettering for a neighborhood market in Barcelona (Spain)
In collaboration with Magdalena Lanas

Logo for academic musicological research project on Voices of popular music in Chile

Logo for cocktail bar in Córdoba (Argentina)
Designed with Juan Pablo Bellini

Visual identity for big data analysis company

Logo for a publisher of anthropological and historical contents

Lettering for art project
Drawings by Pablo Tenam

Logo for opera project
Illustration by Víctor Vergara

Lettering for a toy store

Logo for popular folklore divulgation website: www.baileschinos.cl

Logo for Kodkod Foundation for environmental conservation
Illustration with Víctor Vergara

Logo for TV program about Chile's wildlife
Illustration by Víctor Vergara