Quintana-Font designs, publishes and distributes carefully designed typeface families tailored to the diverse needs of today's visual communication.

☞ We design new type families with a focus on creativity, cultural diversity, technology, and functionality. Our projects are usually inspired by different artistic and cultural manifestations, which provide us a conceptual, aesthetic, and social point of views.

☞ We develop typographic and pictographic systems that can be in constant expansion, we are interested in long term projects, as well as short and specific ones: we apply the latest technology available to optimize the production and manufacture of fonts, allowing us more time to reflect on our work and test different possibilities and ideas.

☞ We love taking on new design challenges, listening to ideas and thinking of new possibilities to expand our projects. If you are interested in applying for work, proposing an idea or asking us about our licenses, please contact us at: hola@quintana-font.cl.

During these last years we have worked with different peoples, collectives, institutions, companies and corporations, either selling them licenses, making a customized versions of a typeface or creating a custom font family or pictogram system. We also have involved in several editorial design, visual identity, and lettering projects based on our typographic work.

It is always a pleasure to collaborate and work with creative people open to new ideas, if there is something wonderful and fascinating about typography is that it is a tool with so many possibilities and options to make beautiful things.

Quintana-Font has worked or collaborated with:

  • Banco Central de Chile
  • Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo
  • Cerro Press
  • Chile Compras
  • Colectivo MilM2
  • Compass Group
  • Comunas Unidas
  • Día del patrimonio cultural chileno
  • Ediciones Abierta
  • Editorial Puro Chile
  • Estudio Vicencio
  • Felicidad Pública
  • Más que gritos y susurros
  • Museo de Arte Latinoamericano (MALBA)
  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
  • Ojoporojo
  • P. Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
  • Serie Tipos
  • Tironi
  • Unión de Editoras Experimentales

Quintana-Font director

Javier Quintana Godoy
Typographer & type designer

🔗 www.quintana-font.cl
✉ hola@quintana-font.cl
📷 @quintana_font

Regular collaborators

Guido Ferreyra
Font developer & designer

🔗 www.tipografia.com.ar
✉ guido@tipografia.com.ar
📷 @guidoferreyra

Francisco Gálvez Pizarro
Typographer & type designer

✉ fgalvez@uc.cl

Sergio Ramírez Flores
Graphic & information designer

🔗 www.ramirezflores.cl
✉ sr.ramirez@gmail.com
📷 @sr_ramirez

Quintana-Font has collaborated with:

  • Juan Pablo Bellini
  • Fer Cozzi
  • Laura Jordán
  • Juan Mercerón
  • Hugo Rivera-Scott
  • Araucaria Rojas
  • Luis Romanque

Quintana-Font Foundry has been operating since 2014 as a small type design studio led by Javier Quintana Godoy. In 2023, we launched a new website to increase the scope of distribution of our typeface families, type design services, and consultancy.

Follow us on Instagram: @quintana_font

In 2022 Javier Quintana appeared in the audiovisual documentary project Serie Tipos, several Chilean type designer were interviewed. You can see the Javier's episode HERE. [In Spanish with English subtitles available]

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Website designed by Guido Ferreyra & Javier Quintana.

Building with FoundryCore by Guido Ferreyra.

Throughout this website we use our Lira Sans for the layout.

We are based in South America, we speak Spanish with our local accent, this site is written in English because we are interested in targeting the international market. We use DeepL as a translator. Thanks to Sergio Ramírez F. who reviewed the translation.