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We are always cooking up new font families, we like to let them mature and polish them little by little. Many of them can be used as BETA for specific projects, tell us the idea where some of our WIP typefaces could fit beautifully.

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It is an ambitious type system that plays with a certain freedom within the Grotesque canon.
Publication is projected for mid-year.

Designed by Francisco Gálvez Pizarro


Is a family of thematic symbols that can be used in animated or static infographics, maps, digital applications, and in any other ways of displaying information. Puya consists of three weights: Outline, Regular, and Black. Each weight contains 500 glyphs.
Publication is projected for mid-year.

Designed by Sergio Ramírez Flores


Loica is a typeface family that plays with the classic proportions of the Grotesque style, developing a more square structure and subtly extending some initial and ending strokes.
Publication is scheduled for the end of the year.

Designed by Javier Quintana Godoy


Is a family for short texts and headlines in a geometric style with a casual and carefree touch. It is a free interpretation of Paul Renner's early drawings for Futura and Herb Lubalin's letter combinations for Avant Garde, where some shapes adapt to others.
Publication is projected for next year.

Designed by Francisco Gálvez Pizarro